Ryder & Jackson – First Birthday Cake Smash

I feel like every year seems to go by a little faster than the year before – this year definitely takes the cake though.



And while we’re talking about cake…. Ryder and Jackson LOVED their cakes made by Colby Mainville!


Lil’ J got a little crazy with the icing and wasn’t quite sure how to react. Poor little guy was feeling a little sick for a moment or two here.

He got over it though… lol


And Mr. R was pretty keen about this whole experience – and somehow stayed ‘kind of’ clean… In comparison to his brother anyways.



This whole session lasted no more than 20 minutes – and it was 20 minutes of full laughter from everyone who was watching. It was quite the event with lots of spectators. A special thanks to the guys at the fire hall for your help with the cleanup. You guys all rock!


And another special thanks to my dad for taking some of the photos as well as these ‘behind the scenes’ shots.

Mr. R has taken to finding being told ‘No!’ pretty funny… The kid was busting a gut when I told him not to touch my WHITE backdrop with his icing covered fingers!

Happy birthday Minions! I love you as much as you kids love cake (well… probably more than that actually…)
❤ Auntie Laura

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