R & L – Wainwright Children’s Portraits

This blog is awhile late – but this session was a surprise for Daddy! I met up with Miss R and her brother L back in June for a special Father’s Day session. 2014-07-16_0001.jpg Check out Miss R’s eyes! They are just so gorgeous! 2014-07-16_0003.jpg & Mr. L was so ready for his time in the spotlight. He was throwing me the most adorable smiles everytime the camera was pointed in his direction. 2014-07-16_0002.jpg 2014-07-16_0005.jpg 2014-07-16_0004.jpg I think these two are going to grow up with such a special sibling bond. They way they played together during the session just melted my heart. Such sweethearts! 2014-07-16_0006.jpg

Kelley & Clint – Wainwright Maternity Portraits

On the morning of this ‘pre-baby’ photo session the weather was looking less than welcoming for this lovely couple. We decided to cross our fingers and see if the clouds (and the puddles) would clear before rescheduling. Clearly we made a perfect decision because it was a beautiful evening! 2014-07-13_0004.jpg 2014-07-13_0003.jpg 2014-07-13_0001.jpg 2014-07-13_0005.jpg 2014-07-13_0006.jpg 2014-07-13_0002.jpg 2014-07-13_0007.jpg Sending out lots of good vibes to this VERY SOON to be momma! I hope baby makes an arrival very soon for you. 🙂

Quinton – Wainwright Graduation Portraits

This past weekend marked the graduation of another great group of students from the Blessed Sacrament School in Wainwright. Included in this group was Mr. Q – who I met up with a couple weeks ago for his formal portrait session. We started things off at the Wainwright Rail Park for some individual and sibling portraits, then finished off the session with a trip to Q’s school. With Q’s awesome choice of blue as his accent colour, I was excited to work his school colours into his portraits. 2014-07-04_0002.jpg 2014-07-04_0001.jpg 2014-07-04_0004.jpg 2014-07-04_0003.jpg 2014-07-04_0007.jpg 2014-07-04_0005.jpg 2014-07-04_0006.jpg Congratulations Quinton!