Miss Sara – Chauvin Graduation Photography

This lovely lady came to visit me from Chauvin for her graduation session. I am so in love with how her gorgeous red dress pops in these images!

Congratulations to another beautiful lady! Best wishes Sara!2015-06-08_0011 2015-06-08_0012 2015-06-08_0013 2015-06-08_0014 2015-06-08_0015 2015-06-08_0016 2015-06-08_0017 2015-06-08_0018 2015-06-08_0019 2015-06-08_0020

Miss Paige – Wainwright Graduation Portraits

It’s that time of year again! I have been meeting up with some pretty wonderful graduates so far this spring!

Miss Paige’s lace dream completely won my heart – I am a complete sucker for anything lace and anything green. ❤ Congratulations on your grad this past weekend beautiful! 2015-06-08_0001 2015-06-08_0002 2015-06-08_0003 2015-06-08_0004 2015-06-08_0005 2015-06-08_0006 2015-06-08_0007 2015-06-08_0008 2015-06-08_0009