Ryder and Jackson – Wainwright Childrens Photographer (Lifestyle)

Most of my sessions with my nephews are planned a little bit in advance, but not this one! My sister was out for an adventure with the boys and hoping to capture some candids on her own camera when her camera battery died. So since I was close by I thought it would be fun to be ‘Super TeeTee’ and come to the rescue.

(TeeTee is the boys word for Auntie and I am quite taken with my nickname!)

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Breanne – Wainwright Graduation Photography

Miss Breanne had me join her and her family for an evening grad session a couple of weeks ago. She picked out some pretty neat locations – as well as some farm friends!

It was a blast meet you Breanne! Congratulations!

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Melissa – Wainwright Graduation Portraits

I always enjoy it when I get to meet up with a family for a second time. I met Melissa’s mom and sister when her sister graduated so I was very excited to work with the family again to celebrate Melissa’s graduation.

Thanks for hanging out with me S family!

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When Jon met Brittany – Cold Lake Wedding Photography

Back in April I did a little road trip with Brittany to check out her beach front wedding location. We had such a blast on that trip and suddenly I was so excited for my upcoming wedding season to get rolling. We both told so many stories and there were so many laugh that I just knew her wedding day was going to be wonderful – And it was!

Check out Brittany and Jon’s Cold Lake wedding slideshow and blog photos below. 🙂

MUA: Tyrel Abbott

Flowers: Wainwright Flower Cart

Officiant: Doug Buchholtz

Catering: Sheena Larson

DJ: Robin’s DJ Services

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