When Kelly met Tina – Wainwright Wedding Photography

“Knots are stronger when they get wet. If you tie a knot (get married) on a day that rains that knot can never come unraveled.”

“This is the best person I have met in my entire life.” -Kelly Bosch (about Tina)

MUA: Torie Stang & Kelsey Wright

Hair: White Dahlia Salon & Spa

Officiant: Jackie Zajic

Catering: Sheena Larson

DJ: Robin’s DJ Services

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Photos by: Laura Smiley Photography and Brittany Gillman Photography

When Riley met Kyndra – Lea Park Wedding Photography

Kyndra and Riley’s took place in a beautiful grassy field at Lea Park. It was a beautiful day with a great combination of sun, warmth and some menacing rain clouds.

Hair: Gracie’s Hair Design

Flowers: Wainwright Flower Cart

Officiant: Jackie Zajic

Catering: Tarra Nohnychuk

Bakery: Sheena Larson

DJ: DJ Masala

2015-08-10_0001 2015-08-10_0002 2015-08-10_0003 2015-08-10_0004 2015-08-10_0005 2015-08-10_0006 2015-08-10_0007 2015-08-10_0008 2015-08-10_0009 2015-08-10_0010 2015-08-10_0011 2015-08-10_0012 2015-08-10_0013Photos by: Laura Smiley Photography and Whole Heart Photography

Caitlyn & Daryl – Wainwright Engagement Photography

Caitlyn and Daryl are getting married this weekend! The year has flown by since their engagement session last September and it is hard to believe that this day is already here! 2015-09-16_0001 2015-09-16_0002 2015-09-16_0003 2015-09-16_0004 2015-09-16_0005 2015-09-16_0006 2015-09-16_0007

When Brody met Caitlin – Ribstone Wedding Photography

Seeing my friend Brody find the love of his life AND getting to share in their day by being their photographer was quite exciting. This group was so much fun to hang out with (even when we accidentally stood in a ant hill or two! haha)

Congratulations Caitlin and Brody! Your day was so beautiful!

Hair: Main Street Hair – Provost

MUA: Body Beautiful

Officiant: Jackie Zajic

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Autumn – Stettler Graduation Portraits

My cousin’s beautiful girlfriend graduated from William E. Hay High School in Stettler back in May. It was a pleasure to hang out with Autumn and her family throughout the day.

I hope you have had the absolute most amazing first week of university! You are going to rock this year! 2015-09-10_0023 2015-09-10_0029 2015-09-10_0025 2015-09-10_0026 2015-09-10_0027

The Lapierre Family – Wainwright Family Photography

I met with whole Lapierre crew out at the lake earlier this summer to capture their family as these kiddos are all growing up! The kids all had so much fun and their cuteness definitely put a smile on my face. 🙂

2015-08-24_0003 2015-08-24_0004 2015-08-24_0005 2015-08-24_0006 2015-08-24_0007 2015-08-24_0008

When Ryan met Brittaney – Provost Wedding Photography

Brittaney and Ryan’s wedding day was so much fun! They are an absolutely wonderful couple and their bridal party was game for anything. When Brittaney told me they wanted to take photos at the ball diamond I was quite excited. With ball being my all time favourite spot I immediately had some ideas for their photos.

MUA: Kailee Smith

Flowers: Wainwright Flower Cart

Officiant: Chad Salyn

Catering: Sheena Larson

DJ: Robin’s DJ Services

Bakery: Jennifer Ewanchuk

2015-09-03_00012015-09-03_0002 2015-09-03_00032015-09-03_0005 2015-09-03_0006 2015-09-03_0007 2015-09-03_0008 2015-09-03_0009 2015-09-03_0010 2015-09-03_0012 Yes! Brittaney’s sister RAPPED her Maid of Honour speech! It was absolutely fantastic (and hilarious!)2015-09-03_0013 2015-09-03_0014 2015-09-03_0015