The Shaw Family – Wainwright Family Photography

The Shaw family provided many many laughs and many smiles during their evening session a few weeks ago. I still giggle while looking at the photos of Austin and Mason falling out of a barn window!

2015-10-07_0039 2015-10-07_0040 2015-10-07_0041 2015-10-07_0042 2015-10-07_0043 2015-10-07_0044 2015-10-07_0045 2015-10-07_0046 2015-10-07_0047 …and now for probably one of the most funny moment I experience during a session this summer. (No worries! Nobody was hurt!! Just our faces hurt from the laughter!)


Haley – Wainwright Graduation Photography

Haley’s graduation session was on one of the most beautiful nights this summer! There were beautiful skies every direction we turned and she and her sister have such gorgeous smiles! It was so much fun hanging out with these two beauties! 2015-10-07_0030 2015-10-07_0031 2015-10-07_0032 2015-10-07_0033 2015-10-07_0034 2015-10-07_0035 2015-10-07_0036 2015-10-07_0037 2015-10-07_0038

The Doyle Family – Wainwright Family Photography

I’ve done a couple sessions with some of the Doyle family in the last couple years and it has been super fun watching them grow up! It was a blast hanging out with the entire family for an evening session earlier this summer! 2015-10-07_0020 2015-10-07_0021 2015-10-07_0022 2015-10-07_0023 2015-10-07_0024 2015-10-07_0025 2015-10-07_0026 2015-10-07_0027 2015-10-07_0028 2015-10-07_0029

The Axley Family – Wainwright Family Photography

I met with the Axley family at one of their favourite places to spend some of their summer days. For as long as I can remember they have always spent at least some of their summer camping at Riverdale Mini Park so it seemed like the perfect place for their family portraits! 2015-10-07_0013 2015-10-07_0014 2015-10-07_0015 2015-10-07_0016 2015-10-07_0017 2015-10-07_0018 2015-10-07_0019