The Frissell Family – Wainwright Family Photography

I love this little group of humans! The Frissell’s and I have had plenty of sessions together and I think this one might just be my favourite. This blog post is going to be a bit longer than most as we broke this session up into two portions. I hung out with just the kiddos in the afternoon and then we got together for a full family session. It was a blast! 2015-11-10_0016 2015-11-10_0017 2015-11-10_0018 2015-11-10_0019 2015-11-10_0020 2015-11-10_0021 2015-11-10_0022 2015-11-10_0023 2015-11-10_0024 2015-11-10_0025 2015-11-10_0026 2015-11-10_0027

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