When Morgan met Zack – Edgerton Wedding Photography

Photographing Morgan and Zack’s outdoor tent wedding as the first wedding of the 2018 season was an absolute honour. This is a couple that loves deeply and knows how to have fun! They were so relaxed about every aspect of the day – even when there were ‘moments’ like a small wardrobe malfunction (which was resolved in time for photos!) and a flash thunder and wind storm right after the ceremony. The entire group took everything in stride and enjoyed every moment of the day. 2018-07-22_00012018-07-22_00022018-07-22_00032018-07-22_00042018-07-22_00052018-07-22_00062018-07-22_00072018-07-22_00082018-07-22_00092018-07-22_00102018-07-22_00112018-07-22_00122018-07-22_00132018-07-22_00142018-07-22_00152018-07-22_00162018-07-22_00172018-07-22_00182018-07-22_00192018-07-22_0020

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