Greyson – Stettler Graduation Photography

Being that this guy is family – it’s pretty much a given for me to say I’ve known him his whole life. I’m pretty proud of this cousin of mine and everything he has accomplished. We are all looking forward to seeing what you do in the future Grey! You’re bound to do great things, pal! Keep up the fantastic work! 2019-07-03_00102019-07-03_00112019-07-03_00072019-07-03_00082019-07-03_00092019-07-03_0006

Autumn – Stettler Graduation Portraits

My cousin’s beautiful girlfriend graduated from William E. Hay High School in Stettler back in May. It was a pleasure to hang out with Autumn and her family throughout the day.

I hope you have had the absolute most amazing first week of university! You are going to rock this year! 2015-09-10_0023 2015-09-10_0029 2015-09-10_0025 2015-09-10_0026 2015-09-10_0027